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With over 2 decades of experience in the business, J-F Dagenais is a Juno award winning record producer/mixer. Famous worldwide for his crushing signature guitar tone and musicianship in the metal band Kataklysm, he has worked very hard behind the scenes on crafting wide and punchy productions, mixing and mastering many bands around the metal world and its subgenres. Connecting

with musicians because he's a musician himself, J-F digs deeply to get at the heart ,and soul of what works best for different ,artists by capturing ,and mixing uniquely powerful tones that stand the test of time.

Augury (Fragmentary Evidence); 

Blood of Christ (Unrelenting Declivity of Anguish)

Dark Vision of Terror (Local Harassment)

Despised Icon (The Healing Process)

Ex_Deo (Caligvla - The Immortal Wars)

Helsott (Slaves and Gods - The Healer)

Kataklysm (Meditations - Shadows & Dust - Of Ghosts and Gods - Serenity in Fire)

Malevolent Creation (The Will to Kill)

Man Must Die (The Human Condition)

Misery Index (Retaliate)

Necronomicon (Advent of the Human God - Rise of the Elder Ones)

Skin The Lamb (Monolithic)

Thy Antichrist  (Wrath of the Beast)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Nuclear Blast - Death is Just the Beginning MMXVII

VARIOUS ARTISTS Nuclear Blast - Gathered At The Altar Of Blast (7" Box)

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